The Other Guys Need Your Help!

We're seeking locations for upcoming events.

We're proud to be Colorado's only Academy of Model Aeronautics chartered club. We're also the fifth largest MultiGP chapter in the country!


Safety is our number one priority, and in over 70 races there have been zero injuries or incidents. On average we'll have around 25 pilots and just as many spectators, though our largest event so far had over 50 pilots! Racers are required to have their crafts inspected by our officers before the race.  We ensure that in the event of a failure, the craft will disarm, motors stop, and fall to the ground. Each pilot is also required to race with an AMA registered spotter, who maintains visual contact with the craft at all times, can control the aircraft and is ready to take over the controls if a problem arises and intervention is necessary. There are never more than 8 pilots in the air at any one point.

Prior to the start of every event all pilots are called in for a safety briefing, where we discuss safe practices and the rules of the event.  Any safety violation is grounds for immediate disqualification from the race and possibly future races.  We're happy to say that we've never had to use this. In the event anyone or an animal strays into the course we immediately halt the race, have everyone land, and will restart the round. There is always an officer of the club monitoring the field and surroundings for safety.

What we're seeking.

Open Space, that is mostly free of low brush. Ideally a grassy field such as a soccer field, football field, or a baseball diamond would work as well.

Races are held within one football field of space, including safety buffer area. Pilots are not allowed to go more than 100 feet above ground level. Our races stay close to the ground and include limited aerial features, no more than 20 feet high. Most obstacles or gates are 5'x5' and placed on ground level.



The following amenities would be ideal:

  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Restrooms nearby
  • Available power outlet
  • Close proximity to parking

 What is Drone Racing?

If you are unfamiliar with the sport of Drone Racing, we would be happy provide you with additional information.  All race participants are members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), which means they are insured for any damage or injury caused by their aircraft. MultiGP Drone Racing and the AMA have strict guidelines that must be followed at each event, or we risk losing our chapter status within the organization.

Our goals.

We not only foster friendly competition among all age groups (our youngest pilot is 12 yrs old), but promote learning through STEM. We educate and inform the general public about current regulations and restrictions on the use of sUAS to better inform them and make our skies safer for everyone. We seek to dispel the current stigma round “drones” and the unwarranted fear many have, while experiencing the magic of flight while standing on your own two feet. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out and we would be happy to answer any and all questions regarding our sport and operations.

A little more about us...

The Other Guys (TOG) is the second largest MultiGP Drone Racing chapter in Colorado. We have over 200 members in Colorado, with many more pilots that travel to our events from out-of-state. TOG has held over 75 events in the past two years without incident. During the 2018 season, we will scheduled, practice races in preparation for our Regional Qualifiers, Regional Finals, and ultimately the National Championship. We have a track record of producing some of the fastest pilots in the country. In 2016, three of the four pilots in the final National Championship race were from Colorado.